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Things To Do in the Florida Keys

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Miami might be full of palm trees and all-day shopping outlets, but only when you take a scenic drive south you will find the fabulous Florida Keys, a world apart from the pace of Miami life.

With the landscape views of sunsets and crystal clear ocean, you will feel like you are in a different world. The Florida Keys have the most beautiful spots to fish across the globe, and beautiful places to swiftly dive. But fortunately, there is more!

Here are the best things you can do in the Florida Keys “land of beauty and pleasure”.

Experience an Underwater Park

Have you always had that fantasy of experiencing the thrilling sensation of the sight of an underwater park? The John Pennekamp State Park promises exceptional features that will turn your fantasy to reality.

Being the nation’s first underwater park, the John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park has a mode of operation which allows people to freely pay a visit to the Jacques Cousteau-like world which is a short drive from downtown Miami, located within the Florida Keys region.

Have a Marine Adventure at  Theater of the Sea

This sea is located at mile marker 84.5, which gives way for different marine mammals to showcase their beauty. It is a place where you can see dolphins and get the privilege to swim with them. Animals such as sea lions, seals, porpoises, stingrays and much more are also included in a thrilling and satisfying sight you’ve always wanted.

Take a drive

On your way to the keys, we are sure that you will definitely be fascinated by the stretch of the mile. You will see the crystal blue Atlantic and Gulf as you travel over it within only a few hours.

The road to the Florida Keys is a two-lane highway which means you can take in the beauty of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf.

Have a Drink on Duval Street

Just visiting Duval Street can put a very spectacular finishing touch to your visit to the Florida Keys. Trust us, no visit to the Florida Keys is ever complete without a stop on the Key West just to have a drink or watch the sunset.

It is a beautiful place where you can have access to famous drinking ventures such as Sloppy Joe’s at the corner of Greene and Duval. You might consider ordering one of their jumbo-sized rum buckets. Be forewarned! It gets pretty lively at night!

The Florida Keys are brimming with activities and things to do for visitors of all ages and interests. Your time in the Keys can be as relaxing, delightful and adventurous possible. When you visit, stay at one of our eight properties in Keys Cove. We are the hotspot for vacation rental homes in Marathon, FL. With our homes for daily, weekly, or monthly rental, the Gulf side ocean is a balcony view for your vacation. Contact us today – we book quickly!

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