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Benefits of Renting a Home VS a Hotel Room

By September 11, 2019 No Comments

If you’re a frequent vacationer or travel for business, you may realize that luxury hotels might not be your most expensive option for staying in a given place. Short-term apartments are fast becoming the new luxury hotels of the 21st Century. Usually, renting a place out by default is cheaper than a hotel stay because the length of the stay may be longer. It’s supposed to be more economical because the per-day rates with a rented out place are much cheaper than that of hotels. However, some rentals are more expensive than certain hotels, so sometimes hotels are the more economical choice.

Some rentals give hotels a run for their money when it comes to value and cost-effectiveness, offering luxury benefits that make them better than hotels quality-wise. With that in mind, here are the benefits of renting versus staying in a hotel.

Benefits of Renting vs. Staying in a Hotel

  • Which Provides The Most Cost-Effectiveness? More and more decent rooms for rent provide luxury perks and amenities you can’t find in hotels. Although most rentals lack housekeeping or room service like in hotels designed specifically by hotels to justify their costs, many of them provide amenities and perks you won’t get from a hotel chain, such as lower costs. Our property managers provide cleaning services and all amenities included with the homes, such as beach front access, jet ski rentals, and boat docks in the Florida Keys.
  • Isn’t Renting A Vacation Home Expensive? If you’re staying for a whole month and if you calculate the rent as being cheaper than a month’s stay at a hotel, then paying for a whole month’s rent is not excessive. It might be if you’re only staying for two to three weeks and you’re obliged to pay for the whole month. However, Keys Cove vacation rental homes offer as little as four-day stay for any tourist coming into town.
  • What’s a Nicer Location for You? Hotel chains are built in commercial zones so that all the fast food chains and malls are nearby. Luxury resorts meanwhile involve property owners who own the beach your rental home may be located. However, a privately owned apartment or home allows you to choose a more varied collection of neighborhoods that aren’t limited to the freeway.