If you’re a nature lover there are many nature activities in Marathon Florida are abundant. Aside from the obvious things one might do in the Caribbean — swimming, deep-sea fishing, and sailing — Marathon is one of the rare places you can commune with nature. Marathon is situated halfway between Miami and Key West.

Nature Activities in Marathon Florida


Marathon has several community parks that offer areas to picnic, fish, and play or watch sports. This includes tennis, basketball, soccer, skate courts,  shuffleboard, boccie ball, batting cages, or launching a kayak.

If you wander the grounds you can see lots of wildlife. There are parks set against the gulf, as well as the Atlantic, and their hours vary. (so check our parks directory for more info)

falcon flying in  Marathon Fl

Some have dog parks. 

Others are filled with vegetation, including several species of palms, native species of Gumbo Limbo, Poisonwood, Sea Grape, Mahogany, and Mangrove (white, black, and red). These all provide habitats for crabs and songbirds. You’ll see White Crown Pigeons; Hawks and Vultures; and hear the whistles of Osprey and the steady beat of woodpeckers, as well as songs by Mockingbirds and Cardinals. Hummingbirds flit through the undercover.

Nature Activities in Marathon

Nature Museums and Trails many parks to go hiking in Marathon  florida

Take guided tours or wander about to view the Atlantic fish in the lagoon, hike the nature trails, and see lots of wildlife in the hammock forest (they have bird binoculars if needed), such as wading birds, sea birds, songbirds, and Key Vaca raccoons. you can also visit the Bird Center, where they have rescued, rehabilitated, and released over 16,000 birds back into their habitat.

Enjoy The Sea

If you want to experience sea life in its natural habitat, there are plenty of places for snorkeling, and scuba diving, and you can even swim with the dolphins!

kids are delighted when swimming with the dolphines

Snorkel with the dolphines

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