Airport Shuttles

GREYHOUND (multiple points in Fla to Marathon)

ROUTES: They have many locations in Florida, including pick up Miami Internation Airport.

DURATION: From Miami International Airport to Marathon is approximately 3 hours, including a 20 minute stop at Islamorada.

COST: Can vary depending on if you choose Economy, Economy Plus, or Flexible, ranging (from MIA) from a low of $18 to a high of $52.

KEYS SHUTTLE (between Miami Int’l Airport, Ft. Lauderdale airport, and Marathon Airport)
DADE-MONROE EXPRESS (route 301 from Florida City)

ROUTES: From Miami Airport there is a train you can take, then a bus to Flrodia City where you switch to the number 301 to Marathon(12 times a day).

DURATION: From Florida City to mile marker 50 (Marathon Key), takes approximately 2 hours).

COST:  The Dade-Monroe Express (route 301) costs $1.85